Better Visibility = Better PPC

The reason we build Syracusa is pretty simple: AdWords is complex and clunky and it’s time-consuming and difficult use. On top of that, existing software and tools just aren’t very good at the overall management of paid search campaigns. So rather than trying to build another interface on top of AdWords- which usually results in one mediocre interface sitting on top of another- we avoided that. And rather than automating something that’s extremely difficult to automate- overall campaign management- we avoided that, too.

Our technology and people come from a paid search agency that manages an 8 million keyword account without any algorithmic bid management software or tools.  It works. By making smart bid adjustments when necessary and doing  everything else very well (with the help of some really good technology) we believe smart people can outperform SEM software.So we took some very sophisticated technology- an internal agency platform meant for professional analysts- and we rebuilt and redesigned it to work for the average person or company running an AdWords account.

Rather than pretending to do everything or allowing you to “manage” your entire AdWords account by clicking a few buttons, we built a product that requires you to do a little bit of manual work. It’s essentially a batch of applications or tests that run daily and present a very clear picture of the status of an AdWords account. They flag mistakes and configuration issues. They give you important trend information. They show you opportunities to not waste money or to take advantage of favorable conditions to make more money by making some simple adjustments. Overall they’re a pretty good diagnostic tool.

Part of the reason the apps work so well is that they run independently. They each do one thing and do it very well. They’re simple to activate and remove and they present you with a clear version of the data you need to make decisions and manage your account. They’re also passive, meaning that they don’t actually make changes to your AdWords account.  You have to do that.  But we’ve surrounded them with enough help content and contextual information that you can easily understand the relevant data and make all the tweaks yourself. You many even learn a bit more about AdWords in the process.