What About Bid Management?

We believe good a bid management tool can be an important part of paid search campaigns.  But it isn’t The Answer.

Many companies have been convinced that all they need is some bid management software and they’re good to go. We disagree. Some bid management software and tools are very good. Others aren’t.

The biggest challenge for any bid management software or tool is being able to utilize enough information about a specific business and AdWords account to make the best bid decisions all the time.  Doing that requires being able to take into account all relevant data and information that could impact each and every bid decision

No tool can do that now.

Humans with some basic technology and more information can make better bidding decisions, even in extremely large accounts. Hard to believe maybe, but we’ve seen it done firsthand. Our tech comes from an agency that manages an 8 million keyword account without any bidding tool.

There are other easy ways to boost performance and fix issues:

Believe it or not most accounts contain ad text spelling errors, even those of big, reputable, brand-name companies.  The problem is, advertisers aren’t even aware of these mistakes. Fixing them is easy if you know about them. If not, it’ll probably be your customers who will see them first.

Another common issue we see is broken URL’s in active ad text.  In this case advertisers are paying when their ads are clicked on and searchers are never arriving at their site. Again, the problem is awareness. Advertisers simply don’t know this is happening and can lose sales and waste money until the issue is detected. Sure, advertisers could have people manually crawl through and check all of their ad text and test the URL’s in all of their ads every day. But for any account of reasonable scale this can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

The point is, there are a lot of other ways to move the needle in search campaigns aside from constantly tweaking bids. We think simply enabling the apps we’ve built and adhering to basic best practices will make a pretty big difference. We started off as an affiliate using these apps for ourselves. And they were pretty good to us…