Why Syracusa? And who needs another tool for AdWords?

Why Syracusa?

Siracusa was the internal name for our project when we first got started (how that happened in the first place is another story for another time). Somehow it stuck. So we embraced it. And maybe we’ve watched too many Coppola movies, but the last thing we wanted was a feud with the Sicilians who owned siracusa.com so we changed the i to a y and launched at syracusa.com.

And who needs another tool for AdWords?

We think just about anyone who uses it does. No matter how hard Google tries to make AdWords friendly and appealing and functional for local merchants and massive companies alike, it’s never going to succeed. That’s not a cheap shot at Google; it’s simply the reality of managing a service that’s as necessarily complex and has as many features and settings and metrics as AdWords has. And it needs all of these things in order to work as well as it does.

Which is how it brought Google about $20 billion in revenue in 2010, which was slightly more than the GDP of Estonia in that year (and Estonia had a pretty strong finish: http://finweek.info/estonian-economy-gained-speed-at-the-end-of-2010/)

So even if AdWords isn’t a finely tuned machine that’s ideal for the needs of both neighborhood shops like Buzz Coffee and behemoths like Starbucks, it’s bigger and better than anything else out there, and for most companies operating on the web if used correctly, AdWords is the most powerful and targeted sales tool they’ve ever known. And while Google would like you to believe that it’s easy to make money by simply advertising your product or service with AdWords, anyone who’s used it knows that isn’t the case.

1) Understanding the bizarre and complex universe of AdWords:  Terminology, concepts, bidding, match types…there’s a whole universe to get your head around if you truly want to master Google’s auction specifics and achieve maximum efficiency for the money you spend. When you think you’ve learned it all, or at least gotten a handle on it, it just keeps changing- new features, new things to automate, new metrics to pay attention to, new technology available, large-scale changes in search behavior emerge.

2) Knowing exactly what the hell is going on in your AdWords account, and knowing how to fix it or make it better. Good luck. Just finding what you’re looking for might require more patience than you have.  There isn’t enough time in the day to keep track of everything that matters even if you could find it easily.

That’s why search agencies, SEM software, bidding tools and the like exist. They’re supposed to make managing AdWords accounts easier and more effective, and some of them do. The problem is, none of them do everything you’ll need them to, and not only that, most of them overlook some of what we’d consider basic best practices, simple ways to improve AdWords performance and run better campaigns.

(Of course, you could go it alone and educate yourself- Brad Geddes’ book is only 552 pages solely dedicated to understanding AdWords- but then depending on your industry you might be competing against professional analysts who are AdWords Certified, which doesn’t mean they’re geniuses, but it does mean they passed a test focused completely on AdWords that’s probably harder to pass than the Oklahoma State Bar Exam: http://oudaily.com/news/2010/sep/15/97-percent-law-graduates-pass-bar-exam/)

So how can we help? By offering you a tool that’s designed to make managing your AdWords campaigns easier. It’s called Syracusa. It works alongside existing tools and technology, and it works for AdWords accounts both large and small. Even search agencies are using it.

Try it for free and see for yourself: https://www.syracusa.com/users/sign_up